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Be wary of leather as a toy

10 Jan

A client today mentioned about a leather piece in his sun conure’s cage, different than the leather in one of the bird’s toys. My ears perked up and I inquired where he got the leather strip. It happened to be a shoelace, and I am glad I asked. Leather, if tanned in the traditional industrial manner, has a great deal of toxic contaminants- and this is generally what is found in shoes, clothes, and wearable accessories.

Leather for safe bird toys is tanned via a ‘vegetable’ manner, and is safe for birds to chew. He and I talked about this and it reminded me to let everyone know about the dangers of some household objects when we allow access by our birds. Make sure the items you provide your bird are safe; ask your bird’s veterinarian to be sure if you have any questions. Don’t assume, don’t presume!