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Pet Birds Kept Outside

28 Oct

We have calls that keep coming in of birds severely injured or killed by predators (raccoons, opossums, foxes, rats) that are kept outside all night often in cages on porches.

Birds kept outside all night are also at risk for certain kinds of deadly infections that can come in the insects. These insects are often more active at night and in the evening (examples: West Nile Virus, Equine Encephalitis which our birds can catch too, Sarcocystis).

The best thing for our birds is to come in to a protected area like our houses each evening after enjoying our beautiful days.

If you cannot bring your bird in the house then consider constructing a sturdy rat/predator/insect proof cage for your bird to stay in outside. Do not depend on the protection of a regular bird cage. Predators are looking for an easy meal all the time and are very creative.

Environmentally Safe Paints for our Birds

13 Jul

Even water-based latex paints have VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) which at high enough levels can be dangerous for our birds and ourselves. Many brands market themselves as low-VOC containing paints.

For those looking to keep our homes as free of toxic substances for our birds and ourselves as possible might do well to look into BioShield Paints. They produce paints that have no (*NOT LOW*) VOC’s.

Bird Talk, April 2008

4 Mar

Bird Talk Magazine 2008 published Dr. Rolfe’s article about bird beaks, aimed towards the new bird owner.

There are many different beaks on those different species of birds out there, and they all are adapted to the bird’s environment. Our parrots are known as “hookbills” and the beak is good at tearing up different things in order to forage for food and create cavity nesting sites.