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Walkabout Cages

29 Nov

What a great way for your bird to get some sun and fresh air now that it is cooler and the sun isn’t as strong. Get a small but secure cage, one that you can lift up easily. Put a small water dish in it and go for a walk! Down a side street or even in a park. Not at dawn or dusk, the biting insects are a little too numerous. If you have a baby stroller, even better- you can put the cage on that to push around especially if your bird is slightly larger.

If you are able to do so, there are harnesses and leashes that you can train your bird to accept, and you can avoid the cage. Be cautious of taking your bird out without any security, though. Even though your bird may love you, his or her instinct will take over and he/she will attempt to fly if there is something that is perceived as dangerous. A wing trim often isn’t sufficient to keep the bird from getting at least enough distance to possibly be in a dangerous situation. In fact, we here have heard of several clipped parrots, taken outside, that have gotten hit by cars or attacked by dogs/ other animals. There are too many variables not in your control outside, so keep your bird in a secure cage or trained to tolerate a harness.