Preventive Care for Birds and Exotics

Preventive Care for Birds and Exotics

Ongoing preventive care is required for pets of all shapes, sizes, and species to keep them healthy and thriving. At The Bird and Exotic Hospital, we recommend that all of our patients come in to our hospital for healthy pet examinations every six months. As many small exotic animals have shorter lifespans, it is important for them to come in for regular check-ups, ensuring that any potential health problems are discovered right away so that treatment can be administered promptly.

Species-Specific Preventive Care Needs

Each exotic species has specific health care needs, and as a pet owner, it’s important for you to be educated on your pet’s care requirements. Regular check-ups are recommended because these creatures often avoid showing any symptoms of illness or weakness; by the time symptoms are recognized, illnesses have likely progressed to dangerous levels.

We use diagnostic tests to expand upon the information the doctor gets with the physical exam. The doctor will often use the information she finds at the physical to put a custom plan together for your pet. The types of testing we can perform to make sure your exotic pet is healthy include:

  • Blood work
  • Checks for infectious organisms
  • Organ function tests
  • X-rays
  • …and more

Ask our veterinary team about the specific needs of your pet and we’ll be happy to educate you on these. We make it our priority to provide individualized care tailored to each individual pet.

Bird and Exotic Pet Nutritional Care

Nutrition is one of the most important parts of your exotic pet’s ongoing health care. We can discuss your pet’s diet with you, weigh their current diet against their dietary needs, answer questions about your pet’s care, and more. We offer a variety of options for helping your pet to transition into a new, healthier diet, if needed, including in-house transitions for avian patients. As always, we are committed to working one-on-one with each of our clients to ensure the most customized care possible for your pet.

Behavioral Care for Birds and Exotic Pets

During your pet’s annual examination, we can discuss behavioral concerns and offer guidance on what to expect from your pet, depending on whether they are a prey animal or a predator animal. We can help you understand these behaviors, no matter what their species, and offer you advice for managing your expectations and optimizing your household for their needs. If your pet is young, we encourage you to bring your behavioral concerns and questions to us right away so that we can help you mange expectations from the beginning. For complex situations, we also offer ongoing consultations as well.


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