Exotic Pet Surgery

When your exotic pets need surgery, the Bird and Exotic Hospital is equipped with the tools needed to ensure that your pet’s care is complete. Because exotic pets are smaller patients, special attention must be paid to details like blood loss and body temperature. Throughout your unique pet’s surgery, we will provide complete care with state-of-the-art equipment including:

  • Thorough surgical monitoring which allows us to respond immediately to any issues which may arise during surgery. 
  • Magnification and directed lighting to allow us to see everything we need to see inside your tiny pet during surgery
  • The best technology in exotic veterinary medicine to ensure that your pet is safe and well-cared-for throughout their procedure. This includes pulse strength and rate through Doppler analysis; ECG; oxygen level via pulse oximetry, respiration rate evaluation, temperature monitoring, and even exhaled carbon dioxide levels. 
  • Thermal support to help avoid life-threatening hypothermia. 
  • Ventilators to maintain your pet’s respiration as warranted.
  • Microsurgical instruments to properly perform the microsurgical techniques that are usually required. 
  • Products and equipment, like electrosurgery and hemostatic products, to help limit blood loss during surgery. 

We also have staff members who are experienced and well trained in monitoring your pet’s anesthesia. 

Exotic pets are incredibly unique creatures who need special care to ensure their safety at all times. If you have questions about your exotic pet’s needs or their care, please contact our team for more information. The Bird and Exotic Hospital is here for you and your pet.

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