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Rabbits Need Dental Care Too!

6 Apr

Dr. Rolfe used an endoscope and recorded a dental examination she performed on a rabbit that wasn’t eating. She found several different abnormalities, including a very painful one. The use of magnification, illumination, and documentation has revolutionized dental care in humans and animals, and in this way we can show what kind of problems can occur so that animal guardians can understand what may be going on inside a hidden area and why it is so important.

Dental Problems with Rabbits

Dental problems in our rabbits and other small herbivore rodents is in many cases preventable. We have put together handouts on proper rabbit and guinea pig feeding practices that can help keep rabbit teeth healthy. During wellness visits we can assess the health of the teeth and see if there are any early changes visible that can be managed to keep problems from advancing.

Please download our rabbit care handout here:

Rabbit Care