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Free Parrot App

25 Nov

Parrot Catalog HD was just made free. No review yet… soon to come.

Great guinea pig rescue group- please support!

10 Nov

Kudos to Jeremy and Tracy Henle at Crazy Cavies, a great south-Florida guinea pig rescue group. They take exquisite care of the pigs they take in. They are also very active with outreach and education to help people know the best way to take care of their little cavies. Unfortunately, there are many unwanted pets in this day and age, and often times small rodents and rabbits are purchased upon impulse with little thought towards the future and long-term commitment of care, time, and cost. Because the charm and delight of these little ones are often only recognized by the enthusiasts, they are often ignored by larger animal rescue groups that concentrate on more well known pets like dogs.

Crazy Cavies will take financial donations as well as donations of food/supplies. If you want to find a guinea pig as a companion, the best way is to go through them and give an unwanted guinea pig a home.