Archive | September, 2012

Little injured gnatcatcher stopped by today

28 Sep

A little blue-grey gnatcatcher was brought in for triage on her way to Bush Wildlife Center with an injured wing from a cat. We cleaned her wound, started her on antibiotics (predator attack victims need very early antibiotic treatment or else could die within hours or a day), and she shortly sunk her beak into some juicy mealworms (but not tender enough apparently!).

Parrot Survey- Please Partake!

25 Sep

The esteemed University of Guelph is seeking information in a survey about how parrots are cared for and the environment that is being provided for them, as well as their behavior. The more we know about our birds, the better we can craft our partnership together with them.

Laser therapy!

6 Sep

We had a great day where we treated several patients with laser for the first time and two other patients had treatments for the second time.

One ferret with chronic diarrhea that had lost a huge amount of weight and had not responded to one course of antibiotics to treat a common bacterial cause of diarrhea. He received a laser treatment to his abdomen two weeks ago and we tried a different type of antibiotic. He responded amazingly well, more than I would have expected with the antibiotics alone. He has gained about 3/4 of a pound during that time and the diarrhea is gone. We treated him a second time today and took him off his antibiotics but expect him to be recovered at this time.

One cockatiel with a chronic long- term self mutilation site responded to his one session two weeks ago and received another one just in case. We had performed a complete set of appropriate tests on him over the last two years including bloodwork radiographs as well as a removal and biopsy of the affected skin to rule out damaged nerves.

We also had the honor of treating a turkey with swollen feet, a cockatiel with diarrhea, a duck with scoliosis, and a budgie with an abscess today.

We are happy to offer laser therapy to any of our patients with a condition that would respond. Please call for more information on scheduling your visit.